“Framed by the Moselle, Nahe, Rhine and Saar, the Hunsrück describes a real piece of home - which even turned into an entire family saga that millions followed on the television screen. By the way: During your holiday in the Hunsrück you will not meet the notorious robber captain Schinderhannes again. In its place are the adventure-oriented hikers who hike on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and its dream loops. A holiday in the Hunsrück also takes you high: if you stand on the 816 meter high Erbeskopf, the whole landscape of forests, valleys and meadow meadows is at your feet like a green carpet. "
The Saar-Hunsrück-Steig is one of the most popular long-distance hiking trails in Germany and leads past our beautiful village Altlay. 1,5 km away from our hotel is the entrance to the climb, which means we offer a perfect stopover on your journey from Trier or Perl to Boppard. Relax in our house after a long day of hiking. Enjoy the evening in our restaurant, rest in our cozy beds in a quiet environment and strengthen yourself in the morning at our rich buffet so that you can continue your journey. For guests who are traveling with heavy luggage, we offer a luggage transfer to the next accommodation.
Just as popular with our nature lovers are the dream loops of Germany, highly rated circular hiking trails which are among the certified premium hiking trails. There are only about 20 premium trails across Germany, eight of which are in the Hunsrück-Middle Rhine region. The Traumschleife Altlayer Schweiz stretches out right next to our village. The path through the Altlayer Switzerland is characterized by sharp-edged, rugged slate cliffs, impressive rocky passages and serpentine forest paths. Idyllic, seemingly untouched stream valleys as well as extraordinary views are further features of a half-day tour through extensive forest areas of the Hunsrück around our village. Also nearby is the Baybachklamm dream loop, which is considered an exploration through the Grand Canyon of the Hunsrück.
Another highlight in our vicinity is the suspension rope bridge "Geierlay" between Mörsdorf and Sosberg. It is 360 meters long and 100 meters above the ground. Around 12 years ago, three Mörsdorf citizens, known locally as “bridge dreamers”, picked up the idea and actively promoted it in a volunteer project group. In April 2010, the decision in principle to build was taken in Mörsdorf and a feasibility study was then commissioned. After the building application of December the 23rd in 2014, the subsequent tendering and awarding and the start of construction on May the 26th in 2015, the bridge can be opened after only 130 days and less than a year of planning time. The bridge, which hangs on four 40 mm thick suspension ropes, is covered with a 6 cm thick layer of local Douglas fir and is being built by an experienced Swiss specialist company. Every year the bridge is visited and admired by around 170.000 guests.
There are numerous hiking trails, whether long-distance hiking trails or circular hiking trails, in the region. Also along the Moselle, for example the Moselsteig. The Moselsteig accompanies the entire German Moselle run from Perl on the German-French-Luxembourg border to the confluence in Koblenz - believe it or not, 365 kilometers. Because that would be a bit much even for committed hikers, the route is divided into a total of 24 stages.